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Indiawood 2020

Exhibitor List -INDIAWOOD 2020

3D Haks India H5C307a
7 Hill India H4A123
A D Industries India H3B230c
Ashish Industries India H2A115
A.B Tools India H4E546
A3 Panels Edgebands India H2D413
Aaryan Hardware India H5A133
ABM Machines India Pvt Ltd India H4D428a
Accurate Industries SARL Italy H3B202
Accutec Tooling Solutions India H4A101b
Accutec Wood Tooling System Pvt Ltd India H4A115
Ace Mica Private Limited India H5C334
Acimall Italy H4A116c
Adbond Industries Private Limited India H2A103
Addichem Speciality LLP India H2C311
Adler Wood India Pvt Ltd India H5A110b
Advance Polymers India H3B223
AFMT - Association Of Furniture Manufacturer India H3C306
Agarwal Associates Impex Pvt Ltd India H3B219
Airfilt Technologies Pvt Ltd India H3A119
Airolam Limited India H5C325
AKE Knebel GmbH Co. KG Germany H5 B219
Ake Wood-Tech (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd Malaysia H5 B219
Al Green Door Industries India H2E514
Alfa Equipments India H4A134a
Allcor Laminates India H5B226
Allegheny Wood Products USA H5D428
Alpro Fasteners India H4C330
Altendorf India Private Limited India H4D402
Alton Additives Italy H5D406
Alvic Luxe Spain H3C331
Aman International India H2E508
Amba Laminates India H5D408
Ambica Hydraulics Pvt Ltd India H3C328
Ambika Industries India H2B211
Ambika Timber Works India H2D410
Ambsun Manufacturing Company India H3C323
American Hardwood Export Council (AHEC) USA H5D428
American Softwoods USA H5D426
Amos Hill Associates USA H5D428
Anchav Industries Pvt Ltd India H5C327
Anderson Group Taiwan H4 C304
Aneel Coating And Polymers Pvt Ltd India H2E504
Ansure Tech Solutions India H3B201
Anthon GmbH Germany H4 E514
APP Enterprises India H3A121
Aquence India H4E529
Archanalok Trading Company India H5B207
ARCL Organics Ltd India H3B215
Arihant Impex India H5A120
Arihant Timber India H5A125
ARPA Italy H5C320
Artica Décor India H5A101a
Artiglio Srl Italy H4C304
Aryamman Interior Solutions Pvt Ltd India H5C320
Ascend Wood Treat Machines India H3A116a
Asian Paints Ltd. India H2A102
Asian Pre Lam Industries Pvt Ltd India H5C323
Aslesha Power Controls Pvt Ltd India H3A106
Athmer South Asia Pvt Ltd India H5A113a
Atlantic Polymers Unit-ll Private Limited (FIXOBOARD) India H2A124
Avilash Engineering Corp India H3B204b
Axcent Air Flow Technologies India H3B215a
Axis Enterprises India H3A116
AZing India H2E524
B. S. Engineering Machinery Private Limited India H3B205
Balaji Action Buildwell India H3B220
Balaji Timber Plywood India H5A132
Baltic Wood Trading Ltd Latvia H5E540
Banzer India H5A133
Barberan S.A. Spain H4C304
Baumer Inspection GmbH Germany H4 E 518
Beasley Group USA H5D428
Benedetto Kitchens Pvt Ltd India H5C331a
Berga India H5B222
Bessey Tool GmbH Germany H3A110
Best Locks Hardware India H2B216a
Bhagwan Sawmill India H3A123, H3A125
Biesse Manufacturing Company Pvt Ltd India H4B202
Big Sea Marcom India Pvt Ltd India H5B204
BigonDry Srl Italy H4A120
Blum India India H5C301
BNM Agencies India H3A100
Bosch Freud Italy H4B204
Bratek Italy H2D418
Breda Technologie commerciali Srl Italy H5A126
Cad+T Consulting GmbH Austria H4 C308a
Canadian Wood (FII India) India H5B206
Caple Industrial Solutions India H3A110
Carlisle Fluid Technologies United Kingdom H4C320b
Carve Tech India H4E536
CBA AG Switzerland H5D445
Cedar Décor Pvt Ltd India H5C307
Celestial Machineries Pvt Ltd India H4A132
Champ Fond Taiwan H4C304
Chemo India India H5D406
Chen Yuan Tek Co.,Ltd. Taiwan H3C309
Chheda International Pvt Ltd India H5C326a
Ching Hwa Advertisement Co.,Ltd. Taiwan H3C307
Chopal Engineering Works India OD3
Chopal Timber Company India OD3
CI Services Trade (Cefla India) India H4A101
CK Airtech India Pvt Ltd India H4E506
Clark Lumber Company USA H5D428
Classic Printing Ink Co (P) Ltd India H4B247
Classics Enterprises India H2E510
CMA Robotics Spa Italy H4A118b
CNC Cutting Design India H2E510
Coast To Coast Design Pvt Ltd India H3B221
Coind Anti-Pollution Systems Pvt Ltd India H4E502a
Collins India India H5C328
Colombo Eredi C. Srl Italy H4A118a
Colonial Hardwoods Pvt Ltd India H5A106
Comec srl Italy H4A120
Consulate General of Canada India H5B208a
Control Print Limited India H3C301
Coral SpA Italy H4E502a
CorePly India H3B216
Costa Levigatrici SpA Italy H4C304
Creative Packaging Systems India H4A153
Cross Border Associates LLP India H5D445
Crossbond India H5A104
Cruzeiro Papeis Industrials (CPI) Brazil H3A136
D.K Plywood Pvt Ltd India H5B230
Darshan Mechanical and Engg Works India H3B212
Darshita Enterprise India H3B230a
Decora Kitchen Interiors (P) Ltd. India H5A110
Decora Laminates India H5D409
Dedoncker P G Bvba Belgium H5E536
Dellatecnica India H4B246
De-Lux Udyog India H4D438
Deluxe Veneers India H3A120
Desertwood International FZ-LLC UAE H5D438
Design Detail Magazine India H4A145a
Dev Abrasive India H4C320a
Dhabriya Polywood Ltd India H3C331
Dhanalaxmi Hardware Solution Co. India H5C324
Dieffenbacher GmbH Germany H5 C318
Dingchang-Tool Industrial Co., Ltd Taiwan H3B206b
Doellken USA H2D418
Donghwa Korea H3A114
Dorset Industries Pvt Ltd India H5C329
Dragon Wood SARL Gabon H3B202
Dstona India H3C331
Ducerf Sawmill France H5E530a
Duro Drive India H3A107
Dynasty Modular Furniture Pvt Ltd India H3C331
Dyncron India H3C331
Eastman Cast Forge Ltd India H4E521b
Ebco Pvt Ltd India H3B218
EcoStroiProject Russia H2A126
Eko Timbertech WPC LLP India H5A138
Elite Laminates Pvt Ltd India H5D418
Endico Power Tools (India) India H3C302
EPCH - Export Promotion Council For Handicrafts India H4B237
ESSPO Lithuania H3C334
Euro Pratik Sales Pvt Ltd India H5C326
Eurochene Sawmill France H5E530b
Everest Industries India H5C325a
Evershine Appliances Pvt Ltd India H2C312
Evowood India H3A123, H3A125
Excellent India H4C304
Expertise Industries India H3B234
Extend Light Machinery Co., Ltd Taiwan H4A120
Fabtech Engineers India H4A164
Fabwood India H3A123, H3A125
Fagus Grecon Greten GmbH Co. Kg Germany H5 B214a
Felder Woodworking Machines Pvt Ltd India H4A102
Fenix Ntm Italy H5C320
Ferro Foundries Pvt Ltd India H3C324
Festool GmbH Germany H3A111
Fine Handling Automation Pvt Ltd India H2A111
Finish Sawmills Finland H5D406a
Finsa Spain H5C320
Firefly Ab Sweden H4E524
Firmedge Plastic Manufacturing Pvt Ltd India H2D407
Fitch Italy Italy H3B230c
Fledon - Material Handling More India H5B212a
Flexafex Hoses Industries India H4C322c
Flexitech India India H4B236
FMC India Private Limited India H2A109
Follmaan GmbH Germany H2D418
Fordaq.com Belgium H3B216a
Forest Russia H2B217
Four Square Media Pvt. Ltd. (Builders Choice) India H4B237a
French Timber France H5E530
Friends Timber Pvt Ltd India H3B228
Fritz Egger GmbH Co. Germany H5 D415
Friul Intagli Industries SpA Italy H5C331a
FSD Building Materials Pvt Ltd India H5 A117a
Full Power Taiwan H4C312
Fulpow Industrial Corp. Taiwan H4C312
Furniture Fittings and Skill Council India H2D423
Furniture Industry Insider Germany H2B215
Fusion India H3A114
Gabon Special Economic Zone SA Gabon H3B202
Gabon Veneer SARL Gabon H3B202
Ganpati Wood Products India H3A128
Gdecor Industries India Pvt Ltd India H3A134
Geeta Vinay Impex India H5B232
Giardina India India H3C327
Gildo Profilati Italy H2C312
Global Sourcing India H3C310
Gluemart India H4A109
Gorilla Gripper USA H4E522
Gorsan Impex India H4A130
Graf Bros Lumber USA H5D428
Grass GmbH Germany H5 C317
Grayman Wood Pvt Ltd India H5D421
Greenland Particle Boards Pvt Ltd India H5A103
Greenpanel Industries Limited India H5D405
Guangdong MEITE Mechanical Co.,Ltd China H4A143
Guangzhou Taizhan(Tiege) Woodworking Machinery CO.,LTD China H4A133
Gupta Motor Store India H5C337b
Gupta Plastics India H2E506
Guru Amar Industry Limited India H4B241
Gurukrupa Engineering Works India H4B254
Guruma Enterprises India H5A111
H R Industries India H5D404
Häberlein GmbH Germany H5 C318a
Hafele India Pvt Ltd India H5C301
Hailo-Werk Germany H5 B216
Hans Weber Maschinenfabrik GmbH Germany H4 D406
Hansa Timber Trade Ltd Latvia H5E540
Hardware Concepts India Pvt Ltd India H2B213
Harmony Ply Lam Ltd India H5D424
Hasmag Equipments Pvt Ltd India H4C329
Heesemann Germany H4C312
Held Technologie GmbH Germany H4 E510
Helios Décor Pvt Ltd India H4A121
Henkel Adhesives India H4E529
Heritage Board Limited India H3A124
Heritage Laminates India H5C331
Hesse GmbH & Co. Kg Germany H5 D417
Hettich India Pvt Ltd India H5A116
Hevea Furniture & Interiors Pvt Ltd India H4A123
Highlight Commercial Services India H4B253
HIGOLD China H5A128
Hitech Woodplast Company India H2D410
Hiteco Italy H4E520
Ho Bridge Enterprise Ltd. Taiwan H3C309a
HoloSecurity Technologies India H3A109a
Holytek Industrial Corp. Taiwan H3B208 / H3B210
Holzher Germany H4C312
Holzindustrie Templin GmbH Germany H5 C315
Homag India Pvt Ltd India H4C302
Hong Shing Machinery Enterprise Ltd. Taiwan H3B206a
Honicel India Pvt Ltd India H4E544
Howmac Innoways (Howell) India H4A125
HP Adhesives Private Limited India H2E516a
HPI Sales Corporation India H3C342
Hredaan Elastomers India H4A119
HSD SpA Italy H4A113
Hueck Decent Engraving India Pvt Ltd India H5D430
Hydromech Engineers India H5D404
IA Group India H5C337a
ICA Pidilite Pvt Ltd India H2A104
ICE Italy H4A116c
ICW Machinery India LLP India H4A163
Ideal Laminates Pvt. Ltd India H5D403
Ikoni International Zerp SARL Gabon H3B202
IMA Schelling Germany H4C312
Imal Srl Italy H4C322
Imos AG Germany H4 E513
Imperial Plastboards India H3B230b
India Woodline Limited India H5B210
Indian Finishing Technologies India H3B211
Indian Hardware & Sanitary News India H3C306a
Indiana Enterprises India H5E502
Indo Canadian Business Chamber India H5B208a
Indo German Training Centre India H2B215a
Industrie Forestiere Du Congo Congo H3C340
Innofitt Systems Pvt Ltd India H2B204
Innovation PVC Marbo India H2E513
Innovative Digital Prints India H2D406a
Innovative Products India H3B224
Innovator Machinery Co.,Ltd. Taiwan H3B206
Institute Of Wood Science And Technology (IWST) India H4B235
Interwood (WFD) Taiwan H3C309b
Intorex Spain H4C304
Investment And Development Agency Of Latvia Latvia H5E540
IPCO India H4A157
Italian Lamination Door India H3C319
Italian Trade Commission Italy H4A116c
Italmech Italy H4A101a
Itsaid Corporation Taiwan H3C315
J&J Log and Lumber Corp. USA H5D428
J. Wagner GmbH Germany H5A117
JAF Global GmbH Germany H3C338
Jai Industries India H4A116
Jai Jagannath Enterprises India H5A123
Jalaram Industries India H2A113
Jamuna Engineering Company India H3A118
Japan Wood Products Export Association Japan H2 D414
Jaycee Enterprises India H5E544
JDS Motion Technology India H4D431
Jekson Hydraulic Ltd India H5D404a
JJW Trade And Commerce India H5E526
JKS Décor Paper LLP India H5C313
John Saw Mill Pvt Ltd India H3C344
Jovas Tech Solutions India H4A120
Jowat SE Germany H4C305
Jyoti Group India H5E528
Jyoti Industries India H4A118
K. S. Industries India H3C304
K.R Industries India H2D408
Kailash Industries India H4E509c
Kairos Décor Pvt Ltd India H5D443
Kaka Industries Pvt Ltd India H2D415
Kalpavruksh Traders India H5A121
Kalsi Plywood Machinery Co. India H3B217
Kalyan Industries India OD1
Kan - B industries India H2D406a
Kanefusa India Pvt Ltd India H4C322b
Kapasi Inc India H5A129
Karigar India H2A110
Karl Heesemann Maschinenfabrik GmbH Germany H4C312
Kay Pee Enterprises India H5E547
Kaymo Fastener Company India H3A115
Kbros Aristo Pvt Ltd India H5B202
KDT Woodworking Machinery China H4C304
Kemron Wood Plast Pvt Ltd India H5B238
Kesseböhmer GmbH Germany H5 A112
Keyword India Network (P) Ltd India H5D431
KGOC Global LLP India H4E500
Kleiberit Adhesives India Pvt.Ltd. India H4 C310
Kreg USA H4E522
Kretz Lumber USA H5D428
Krishna Trading Co India H5E511
Krono System - Euro componenti SRL Italy H5A126
Kronospan Czech Republic H5D413
KSW India Private Limited India H4E521c
K-Tech CNC India H4A129
Kumar Engineering Company India H4C318
Kundig Ag Switzerland H2D418
Kunnathan Chip Board Pvt Ltd (K Boards) India H5C306a
Kuper Germany H3A110
Kupsa Coatings Pvt Ltd India H2B218
Kuvam Technologies Pvt Ltd India H4A160
L M Engineering Machinery Co. Pvt. Ltd. India H4 A111
Labh Industries India H4E509b
Lahari Laminates Pvt Ltd India H5D402
Lamp Japan H2A101
Leadermac Machinery Co., Ltd. Taiwan H4C304
LEEPEE PUBLICATION & MARKETING (Lakda Udyog Darshan) India H4B239
Leitz Tooling Systems India Pvt Ltd. India H4D404
Lesta Srl Italy H4A101
Levin Décor LLP India H5D434
Lion Picture & Frames (India) Ltd India H3C327a
Lipi Marketing Pvt Ltd India H3B203
Livsmart India H3B218
Locksmiths Industries Pvt Ltd India H5A129a
Losa - By Arpa Italy H5C320
Luxmi Woods India H5C307b
Luxus India Pvt Ltd India H2A119
Madireddy Brothers Marketing Pvt Ltd India H5A131
Maggi Italy H3A110
Magnum Glass Concepts India H2B216a
MagSwitch USA H4E522
Make Srl Italy H5C320
Makwana Kitchen World LLP India H5C330
Malaysian Timber Council Malaysia H5E506
Manakamna Composites Pvt Ltd India H3B227
Mapple Stainless Processing Pvt Ltd India H5D414
Mars Packaging Pvt Ltd India H5C325b
Martinsons Sweden H5C312
Marvel Abrasive Tools India H4A105
Mass Machinery Malaysia H3A110
Mass Punching Systems Pvt Ltd India H2D421
Master Handlers Pvt Ltd India H5D432
Match Graphics Pvt Ltd India H5C302
Maxon Doors Pvt Ltd India H5E541
Maxwood India H4B248
MBEE Paper Prints Pvt Ltd India H5C311
Meckmills Private Limited India H3C332
Meghdoot Laminart Pvt Ltd India H5D411
Mehta Cad Cam Systems Pvt Ltd India H4A138
Metro Decorative Pvt Ltd India H5A104
Michael Weinig Asia Pte. Ltd. Singapore H4 E515
MicroJig USA H4E522
MilesCraft USA H4E522
Mirka India Pvt Ltd India H4C320
Mito Italia Italy H4C305a
Moda Hardware India Pvt Ltd India H5D429
Modern Woodwork India H4A137
Modul Systeme Engineering GmbH Germany H5 C316
Monal Laminate Pvt Ltd India H5B224
Multiply Inc India H5D409
Munzing Mumbai Private Limited India H5E516
MVS Global India H4E522
Nan Pao Resins India Pvt Ltd India H5A109
Nanxing China H4C332
Napoleon Abrasives Italy H4E541
Narex Czech Republic H4E522
Nature Coat India H2B207
Nature Wood Industries SARL Gabon H3B202
Navander Impex India H5E518
Neowood Industries India H5E504
NEPCon India Pvt Ltd India H5A109a
Newtech Engineers India H5A127
Newton Technologies India H4C332
NHG Timber Ltd United Kingdom H5E538
Nicewood Furniture LLP India H2D415a
Nihar Industries India H4C307
Nitshaw Wood Panel & Surface Technologies Pvt Ltd India H4C312
Nivesa India H5D413
Nordutensili Srl Italy H4A116a
Norra Timber Sweden H5C312
Northwest Hardwood USA H3A123, H3A125
NOVORYT Switzerland H3B216
NR CNC Routers India H3A108
NürnbergMesse Gmbh Germany H5C314, H4D405
NWP Sweden H5C312
OMC Machinery SRL Italy H4A120
Omkar Industries India H4E509
Ommag R Dream India H5A134
One Skin Portugal H5C320
Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry Canada H5B208
Onyx India H5A126
OpuLux India H5D413
Orient Multiproducts Worldwide Pvt Ltd India H2E502
Orma India H3A110
Oswin Wood Panels Pvt Ltd India H5E539
Ovel Laminate LLP India H3A130
Overseas Exhibition Machine Magazine Taiwan H3C321
Ozone Overseas India H2D409
Pacific Polyplast India H5E522
Pal Srl Italy H4C322
Panamax Tapes International India H3A133
Paolino Bacci Srl Italy H4A120
Paracasa Interio Pvt. Ltd India H5A110a
Paramount Composites India H5D410
Parijat Agrowood Products Pvt Ltd India H5D440
Paul Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG Germany H4A120
Peglar Taiwan H5A120
Peladeau Lumber Canada H5B208a
Perfect Machine Tools India H4C316
Pidilite Industries Ltd India H4C305
Pioneer Magazine Taiwan H3C307
Plantag Coatings GmbH Germany H5 C315a
Platinum Business India Pvt. Ltd India H5A118
Plum India H5A133
Ply Reporter India H5B204
Ply World India H3C332a
Plymarc India Private Limited India H2A112
PMP Impex India H4E500a
Pollmeier Massivholz GmbH & Co. Kg Germany H5 B214
Poonam Engineering Works India H4A133a
Powermatic USA H4E522
Powermax Machinery Co. Taiwan H4C304
Praveedh Décor Pvt Ltd India H5D413
Praveen Hardware India H2B213
Pravesh Doors India H5E511
Precitec Saw Industries India H4A155
Printo India H4A127
Prism Laminates India H5A115
Protego Thailand H3A123, H3A125
PT Arjuna Utama Kimia Indonesia H3C349a
Pt. Aica Mugi Indonesia Indonesia H5E534
Purbanchal Laminates (P) Ltd India H3A132
Purete China H3A114
Pytha Lab GmbH Germany H4 E512
Quality Abrasives India H3A101
Quebec Wood Export Bureau Canada H5C309
Quin Global AU Australia H2E522
R B Overseas India H5D404
R.D Chem India H2E522
Rajoo Bausano Extrusion Pvt.Ltd India H3B209
Rajvi Extrusion Pvt. Ltd India H5E542
Ranga Overseas Private Limited India H5A131a
Red October (LLC RO Timber) Russia H2B217
Red Star Plastick Private Limited India H2D417
Rehau Polymers Pvt. Ltd India H2 B202
Renner Italia SpA Italy H2A102
Renolit Se Germany H5 B215
Rexel Poland Poland H4A107
Rhong Khen Industries SDN BHD Malaysia H5E506a
Ribex Vacuum Technology Turkey H4C304
Richwood India H2E518
Riddhi Siddhi International India H3C347a
Riepe GmbH & Co. KG Germany H5 B217
Ritikawood India H5B240
RMPL India H3A110
Robert Bürkle GmbH Germany H4A120c
Robland Vebim Machinery Pvt. Ltd Belgium H4C321
Rohm Clamping Technologies Pvt Ltd India H4A113
Roshan Timber Company India H3C349
Rudani Enterprises Private Limited India H4A107
Ruei Industries Private Limited India H3A102
Rushil Décor Limited India H5C322
Russian Export Center Russia H2B217
Ryan PVC Panels India H5C337b
S.K Profile India H5A136
Sablon Turkey H4E522
Safe Décor Pvt Ltd India H5C306
Saffron Decoratives Pvt Ltd India H5C308
Saffron Sai Impex India H5B232a
Sagewerk Hartmann Germany H3A123, H3A125
Sai Engineering India H4D436
Sai Sowjanya Machines India H4C330a
Salice Italy H5C328
Sames Kremlin Pvt Ltd India H4E508
Samet Turkey H5C329
Saraswati Wood Pvt. Ltd India H5D444
Sarawak Timber Industry Development Corporation Malaysia H5A119
SASG UV Solutions Pvt Ltd India H3A105
Sauerland Spanplatte Germany H5A113
Savitri Woods India H2B212
Saya Paper Print Pvt Ltd India H5D419
SCA Timber Sweden H5C312
Schmalz India Pvt. Ltd. India H4 C308
Schuler Consulting GmbH Germany H4 E516
SCM Group Italy H3A110
Segezha Group Russia H2B217
Senoplast Germany H5A117
Senosan Germany H5A117
Sesa India Pvt Ltd India H5D422
Setra Group Sweden H5C312
Shakuntalam Timber India H2A120
Sharpply India Pvt Ltd India H2D411
Sharpwell India H5B236
Sherwin Williams Coating India Pvt Ltd India H2B210
Shree Ambica Board Industries India H3A127
Shree Harsiddhi Engineers India H4 A158
Shree Ji Exim India H4A156
Shree Umiya Engineers India H4B242
Shree Umiya F-Tech Machines India H4A126
Shree VaibhavLaxmi Industries India H4D434
Shubham Boards India H5D437
Sidmark Sales Ent Pvt Ltd India H2D418
Siempelkamp Maschinen- Und Anlagenbau GmbH Germany H5 A114
Sigma Machines Taiwan H4A107
Signum Fire Protection India H2A118
Siljan Sweden H5C312
Silver Paper Print India H5B228
Sirca Paints India H2D402
Sistemi Srl Italy H4C305b
Sky Décor Laminates Private Limited India H3B223
Skydecor PVC Laminates India H3B223
Sleek Boards Marketing Services LLP India H5A113
Slido.in India H2A119
Södra Wood United Kingdom H5C312
Soham Brothers India H5E514
Solidedge Industries India H5D433
Sounding E-O Co.,Ltd. Taiwan H3C321
South India Agencies India H3C330a
South India Distributors India H3C322
Southern Forest Products Association USA H5D426
Spacewood Furnishers Pvt Ltd India H5A118
Sparesindustrial.Com LLP India H4E502
Sparta Cloud Solutions India H4C322a
Spray Technics India H3C305
Square 1 Décor India H5A104
Sri Bhagavathi Industries India H4A161
Sri Jalaram Doors India H2B215
Sri Varu Power Tools Co. India H4E528
Srichakra Engineering Equipments India H3B204
Srideva Lam Pvt Ltd India H5D407
Star International India OD 2
Stemas Srl Italy H4A116d
Stylam Industries Limited India H2B206
Sugatsune Kogyo India Private Limited India H2A101
Sun Auto Products India H4C320c
Sun Engineers India H4A131
Sun Impex India H4C324
Sundaram Corporation India H3B200
Sundek India H2E516
Sunrise Timply Co. Pvt Ltd India H3C347
Sunshine Print India H5E546
Supa Laminates Pvt Ltd India H5C310
Super Bond Adhesives Pvt Ltd India H2A110
Super Melt India H2A110
Super Mica Pvt Ltd India H5C304
Supreme Décor LLP India H2D413
Suprim Vikas Industries India H4B248
Suraj Wood Products Pvt Ltd India H5A124
Suresh Machine Tools India H4E509a
Surinder Timber Store India H3C334
Surya Plast India India H3B229
Sveza Group Russia H2A126
Swedish Wood Sweden H5C312
Synchron Ply India H5C320
Synergic Wood Technology India H4C317
Taiwan Woodworking Machinery Association Taiwan H3C307a
Tarun Composites Pvt Ltd India H2E516
Tataria / Prosol India H5E520
Tece Décor Turkey H2C311
Technogem Engineers Pvt Ltd India H3A104
Technomelt USA H4E529
Teknovace Wood Coatings Pvt. Ltd India H2D405
Tendertiger.Com India H4A147a
Termolegno srl Italy H4C305c
Thamarappally Brothers Veeners & Panels (P) Ltd India H2A105
The Indian Plywood Industries Research & Training Institute (IPIRTI) India H3A103a
The Multi Equipment Machinery Corporation India H4B251
The Out Factory India H5E512
The Stratum India H4C312
Thermal Associate Pvt Ltd India H4A136
Tigertec INC China H4B236
Titus Group (Titus Plus D.O.O) Slovenia H5E528
TopsHaus Russia H2A126
Total Tools & Equipments Private Ltd India H4D428b
Toughwood And Adhesives India H2B216
Trade India India H4A151
Trasmec Srl Italy H4C322
Tritherm Corporation Pte Ltd Singapore H3B208
Triton UK H4E522
Trubond Industries Pvt Ltd India H2D406
Turakhia Overseas Pvt Ltd India H3C337
Twenty Twenty Interior Design Software (India) Pvt Ltd India H5A109b
UCAM Pvt Ltd India H4E520
UCS Cutting Solutions LLP India H4C335
Ukodo Japan H5C320
Umisons Industries India H4C306
Umiya Engineering Work India H4C306a
Uniconfort Srl Italy H4A116b
Unika USA H5C320
Unimax Machinery Co., Ltd Taiwan H4A120
Unipegasus Profiles Pvt Ltd India H5D441
Unique Décor India H5B220
Unique Innovations India H2B208
Uniseven Engineering & Infrastructure Private Limited India H2A116
United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) USDA H5B240
Unitek Machinery Co.,Ltd. Taiwan H3C307
URO Decor PVC Edgeband India H3B223
Urufor Uruguay H5E548
UTA Dienstleistungen E.K. Germany H5 C319
Utech Fasten Pvt Ltd India H3B204a
V I Ply Industries India H5D438
V.K Enterprises India H2D416
V.R Wood Industries India H2D419
Vanpro India H5E548
Varun Impex India H5B212
Veer Engineers India H4E507a
Veeshan Enterprises India H4D431a
Venjakob Maschinenbau GmbH Germany H4C312
Vero India Software Pvt Ltd India H4E502b
Vertical Interior Concepts (I) Pvt Ltd India H5A126
Vikas Hardware India H2E524
Vimal Industries India H4E526
Vinay Wire Products India H2E516
Virgo Laminates India H5A102
Vishwakarma Laminates Pvt Ltd India H2E512
Vitap Costruzioni Meccaniche SpA Italy H3A110
VNS International India H5A128
Vollmer Technologies India H4E531
Vougue Décor India H5D442
Vyncke Germany H4C322
Wemhoener Germany H5 D415a
Wen Chih Machinery Industrial Co .,Ltd. Taiwan H3C321
Winbag Denmark H4E522
Winsol Phytothermal System India H4D432
WIZ Chemicals Srl Italy H5D406
Wolfcraft Germany H4E522
Wood AB Ltd Latvia H5E540
Wood And Panel Europe USA H2A127b
Wood Based Industry Association Sri Lanka H2A127a
Wood from Finland Finland H5D406a
Woodcure Enterprise India H3C316
Woodmac Industries India H4C334
Woodmaster India Machines Pvt Ltd India H3B207
Wood-Mizer Asia Pvt. Ltd. India H4C312
WoodNews-PDA Trade Media India H5A101
Woodpeckers India H3A110
Woodpulp Particle Board LLP India H3B226
Woodtech Consultants Pvt Ltd India H4C304
Woodux India H5C336
Woodworking & Furniture Digest Taiwan H3C309b
Woodyroux France H3A123, H3A125
Woodzon.com India H3B216
Worksmart India H3B218
Wuxi Huamei Plates Processing Co., Ltd China H4E533
Xtra sharp Taiwan H3A110
Yan's Industrial Co., Ltd. Taiwan H3C313
Yash Tooling Systems India H4E507
Yow Cherng Machinery Co., Ltd. Taiwan H4C304
Yuh Farn Machinery Industrial Co., Ltd Taiwan H4A120
Zenith Engineering Corporation India H4E521
Zetsaw Japan H4E522
Zhejiang Dilong New Material Co., Ltd. China H5B234
Zhejiang Shenglong Decoration Material Co., Ltd. China H5C333
Zhuzhou Xinpin Cemented Carbide Co. Ltd China H4A107
Zindia Ltd New Zealand H5E510
Zooper India H5D413